Zombies, Superheroes, Ghosts, Fantastic Artists and Writers, Mad Scientists and Fans Set to Converge on Wilmington - October 29, 2016 is the date! (September 14 update) Gregory French and Michael Koske, high-ranking walkers and zombies are on the way. Actress and producer Lauren Henneberg has just joined the party! Papa Stro Maestro and Dorothy are on the way. Matt Hayward, Dark Matter Cosplay and a host of cosplay experts including Teddy Braswell, Alex Baker and Joe Earls are already en-route. A host of the finest comic artists includeing Gregbo Watson, Lyle Pollard, Chris McJunkin and Ernie Suggs communicated they will be there as well. Miller Edgeworth will be the host. Dr. Jon of the PWF wil be the referee. Don't YOU miss this event. Check here for updates.

Gregory French
Actor and Stuntman

Lauren Henneberg
Actress and Director

"Papa" Stro Maestro
Wrestler & Actor

Phasma Paranormal

Zlist Zombie School
The BEST!!!

Matt Hayward
and Dark Matter Cosplay

Gregbo Watson

Alex Smith

Lyle Pollard

Teddy Braswell
Cosplay Champion

Alexander Baker
Cosplay Champion

Joe Earls
Cosplay Champion

Vendor Expo Saturday October 29, 2016 - Coast Line Center, Nutt St., Wilmington, NC
Superheroes, Villians and Comics, Cosplay Contest, Artists, Vendors and Special Guests

Guest of Honor - Little Spider Creations
Presented by Cape Fear Comic Con, Inc.

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$8 in advance (discounts for 2 or more) and $10 at the door.


Featured Guest: Little Spider Creations!
Little Spider Creations is one of the premier haunted house builders in the US.

Their creation, Red's Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles California was built by Little Spider Creations. Ranked the #1 haunted house in the us in 2014, Red's Revenge was based on the familiar story of Little Red Riding Hood with a twist. Little Spider Creations has Red taking revenge on the wolf and the entire town that would not help her in time of need. The Los Angeles Times said "Six Flags Magic Mountain raises thebar with their new Haunt [Red's Revenge, ed.] ... above the competition. It is by far the most popular attraction of the night and deservedly so!"