Zombies, Superheroes, Ghosts, Fantastic Artists and Writers, Mad Scientists and Fans Set to Converge on Wilmington - October 28, 2016h is the date! Gregory French and Michael Koske, high-ranking walkers and zombies are on the way. Matt Hayward, Dark Matter Cosplay and a host of cosplay experts including Mss Faye's Cosplay CLoset are already en-route. A host of the finest comic artists includeing Gregbo Watson, Lyle Pollard, Chris McJunkin and Ernie Suggs communicated they will be there as well. Don't YOU miss this event. Check here weekly for updates.

Gregory French

Phasma Paranormal

"Papa" Stro Maestro

Alex Smith

Zlist Zombie School

Matt Hayward

Gregbo Watson

Lyle Pollard

Vendor Expo Saturday October 29, 2016 - Coast Line Center, Nutt St., Wilmington, NC
Superheroes, Villians and Comics * Cosplay Contest * Nerd Slam * Artists, Vendors and Special Guests

Presented by Cape Fear Comic Con, Inc.